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Our History

This idea stemmed from Nets4Nets, a non-profit organization started by five 7th graders with the goal of eradicating malaria in Africa. The idea came about after a school project on Scott Case, co-founder of Malaria No More. During his research, one of the 7th graders, Alex Small, was able to learn about the severity of malaria and decided he wanted to help. After some hard work, their idea became Nets4Nets.  Through the inception of Nets4Nets, they had raised enough money to test and treat over 5,000 men, women and children in Africa. 

Athletes for Global Goals is picking up the passion again. We have repurposed the idea from Nets4Nets to our own process of having our campers choose their own cause to fight for. Once they have a cause, the campers focus on fundraising and advertising for the main event tied with their cause. Then they choose a charity that they’ll donate the funds to.

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“Youth As Researchers” Facilitator